Solution Acquisitions

Selecting a new payroll or HRIS is often daunting. A common question is, “Should we outsource or insource the solution?”With so many options and products, where do you start? LeadingEdge can work with you each step of the way, from assessing your real business needs, right through to implementing the actual system itself.

First, we look at what type of functional elements you require to support your business needs. Then, we investigate whether adopting best or better practices will enhance your processing operation, and work with you to implement any necessary process improvements. Far too many organizations retrofit expensive technology solutions into existing poor processes. The result: old processes + new technology = expensive old processes.

Depending on an organization’s capacity, we can also develop the request for proposal document, identify appropriate vendors, stage vendor demonstrations, and help evaluate proposed solutions. Because we aren’t tied to any particular solution, you get a fully objective and unbiased assessment. Finally, we can use our experience to assist with vendor contract negotiations, once you’ve made a selection.

Any new system represents a major investment. By working with LeadingEdge, you can be assured that you’ll maximize your return on it.

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