Here’s a startling statistic. According to a book called Making Technology Investments Profitable, 50% of technology projects fail. Not because the new tools are deficient. But because companies try to implement them in a “quick and dirty” way, simply latching new technology onto existing processes, without properly planning the change and addressing all obstacles and opportunities.

LeadingEdge provides the comprehensive plan and manages it on the client’s behalf. Our project management services revolve around putting new solutions in place the right way.

That can include technical aspects – configuring systems and infrastructure, customization decisions, establishing technology environments, converting data, and managing the all-important testing phase. More important, it includes the human aspects – allocating resources, learning features and operations, adapting or aligning business processes, and leading the change management initiative to ensure a smooth transition to the new way of doing business.

We don’t do it alone, either. By maximizing client participation on the project team, we ensure that recommendations are appropriate and feasible, and a thorough knowledge transfer occurs that will sustain client success for the long term.

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