In addition to relying on our major services, clients also call on LeadingEdge frequently to provide specialized support.With our depth of knowledge, skills and expertise, we can offer assistance with:

  • Emergency short-term staffing.
  • Research into unusually complex taxation legislation, and other payroll  requirements.
  • Customized training on everything from legislative requirements to best
  • Compliance services, (i.e. remittance management and government filings).
  • Expatriate payments in Canada.

To keep clients up-to-date on changes that effect them and issues facing the industry, we also produce Payroll ALERTâ„¢ a leading authority on Canadian payroll matters. This newsletter, delivered via e-mail 10 times per year, is an indispensable addition to your reference library. To register for a free 3-month trial subscription of Payroll ALERT, contact us.

For more information about any of our services please contact us at 1-888-729-3343 or send us an email:

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