Over the years, your payroll obligation has grown from a relatively straightforward task to one that now requires extensive knowledge of federal, provincial and territorial tax structures, employment law, garnishments, family support orders, workers’ compensation, and health taxes/levies.

Government auditors have become increasingly aware that many employers aren’t fully compliant with the law, something that frequently results in significant penalties and interest. Directors may even be held personally liable for failure to deduct, withhold, remit, or pay certain amounts of money held in trust for the Crown. Noncompliance also opens the door for former employees to pursue legal challenges.

How can you mitigate these risks? By adopting continuous payroll control procedures. Leading- Edge will help you assess whether these controls are in place. Our audits will measure your compliance effectiveness including interpretations, calculations, withholding rates, reconciliations, remittances, and filings against current legislation.

We’ll determine whether any compliance gaps exist and, if so, recommend an action plan for bringing you into full compliance. Most importantly, we’ll eliminate any risk or exposure to your organization and its officers.

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