Practice Reviews

To build any business, you have to borrow from a bank – an idea bank. Visionary organizations are always looking to be the best by leveraging from the best strategies and tactics.

If your goal is to streamline processes, then technology can certainly help. But in our experience, the greatest benefits come from taking a holistic approach and then adopting and adapting best practices.

LeadingEdge works with clients to first identify processes to improve, using a systematic and objective methodology. Secondly, we confirm those events that are causing your organization problems (e.g. hire-on, termination, time and attendance collection, etc.). Next, we examine the process steps within each event, how and why they originated, and how they stack up against best practices. All the while, we focus not just on processes themselves, but on larger factors and the business drivers that affect them, such as your organizational structure, service delivery model, culture, people, and technology. Finally, we benchmark these against both quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Ultimately, we can help design and develop new processes, ensure that they support the organization’s goals, create an action plan, and recommend the optimum structure to support the new design. Best practice benchmarking is a proven way to achieve more cost-effective, efficient and fully-compliant operations. LeadingEdge clients who have adopted best practices have achieved measurable achievements in their benchmarking results.

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