LeadingEdge’s success is built on a range of unique factors, which deliver winning results for our clients every time.

Our Expertise

  • Demonstrated capacity to evaluate, select and implement a range of payroll and HR administrative solutions that meet client needs on time and on budget.
  • Proven ability to analyze and decipher legislation, regulations and legal jargon, and convert technical requirements into practical, easy-to-use information and solutions that help you avoid non-compliance penalties and other unnecessary expenses.

Our Perspective

  • Focus on the ‘big picture’ that comprises process, structure, culture, people and technology.
  • Facility to pull the right options from our suite of services to address all your payroll management needs.

Our Relationships

  • Fast access to government officials for the latest updates on payroll rules and requirements, so we can quickly understand and interpret the regulatory and legislative changes that affect payroll operations.
  • Consultation to government clients to help them understand the payroll community as they shape payroll requirements and services.
  • Established relationships with leading software solution providers to maintain a wide range of options for clients.
  • Leadership role within the payroll ‘community’ through active membership and leadership in The Canadian Payroll Association, American Payroll Association and other business organizations.

Our Commitment

  • Progressive approach that responds to evolving needs, increasing and decreasing support as needed and encouraging knowledge transfer.
  • Cost-effective, efficient solutions with maximum return on client investment.

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